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Is Complete Body Hair Removal Possible Without Pain? Find Out Here

Is Complete Body Hair Removal Possible Without Pain? Find Out Here

002: Is Complete Body Hair Removal Possible Without Pain? Find Out Here

Have you been searching for a painless, complete body hair removal system without success? Do you cringe at your shaver, or are you putting up with the stubble rather than enduring more time with the epilator?

Maybe you have considered laser hair removal, but who can afford that in this day and age? If you are about to give up on your search for painless body hair removal, keep reading because we might have the solution you have been looking for.

Everybody has Unique Hair Removal Needs

Everybody is unique when it comes to body and facial hair removal. What works for one may not be suitable or even possible for another. For example, somebody with dark hair might be over the moon about the great results they achieved with laser hair removal.

However, how lasers work means that not everybody can benefit. It's an expensive treatment that needs revisiting every couple of years, and people with fine, blonde, or ginger hair are left to find other solutions.

People have different pain thresholds. Your grandma may have been fine using the epilator over the decades, but you would rather stay hairy and single than face that lesson in endurance again.

So, what are your options for painless leg hair removal? As it turns out, our understanding of the growth cycle for human hair led us to painless solutions that deliver long-lasting results.

Introducing No Grow Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor Creams

By targeting hair growth during the anagen phase, it's possible to achieve long-term hair removal with a simple but regular application of our product.

The anagen phase is the scientific name for the longest period of hair growth (about 3 to 4 months). This stage of your hair's life cycle is why you need to regularly shave or wax because the hair follicle continues to push out the hair strand until it dies or falls out. Fortunately, nature has provided our eyebrows and pubic hairs with much shorter life cycles.

No Grow hair remover cream is not a depilatory cream. These work by dissolving the protein structures of your hair, which you then wipe away. Like many other hair removal methods, hair will grow back much quicker than you would like. You might not have to use these creams as often as your razor, but they are not a long-term solution.

How Do No Grow Hair Removal Creams Work?

The specialised formulas in No Grow reduce the flow of nutrients to the hair follicle during the anagen phase discussed above. A malnourished hair follicle shrinks and produces thinner, softer hair strands. Over time, hair growth is stalled to the point that your skin will be noticeably smoother and hairless.

We created No Grow Hair Removal creams to target specific areas of the body, such as facial hair for men or leg hair removal for women. There is also a product for people who prefer to show off their hairless stomachs at the beach. Use the intimate range when dealing with your pubic regions or creating a flawless bikini line.

If you are looking for a simple, convenient, painless and non-invasive cost-effective solution to a complete body hair removal system that is also painless, View our products.


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