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Use No Grow over your tattoos

Use No Grow over your tattoos

007: Use No Grow over your tattoos

Long term hair removal over tattoo areas, without compromising your artwork is now possible with No Grow. The average person spends an estimated $150-$450 on a tattoo so why would an individual want to tarnish the quality of their tattoo artists work?

When laser hair removal is performed over a tattoo, the laser cannot distinguish between the pigment in your hair follicle or the pigment in the ink – and can cause the pigment of your tattoo to scatter. In some instances, it can also reduce the colour in the tattoo.

Unlike laser hair removal, No Grow does not compromise the quality of the tattoo in any regard.

No Grow is a cosmetic cream used topically, non invasively by using high end quality active ingredients and extraordinary technology to achieve long term hair reduction. 

No Grow does not cause any trauma to the skin and therefore avoids hyperpigmentation and damage to tattoos lying on the surface of the skin.

If you are an individual with beautiful tattoos and want a smooth silky and hair free skin to show off your tattoos. No Grow is certainly for you.

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