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First Time Using No Grow? Read This!

First Time Using No Grow? Read This!

001: First Time Using No Grow? Read This!

No Grow is helping thousands of people create silky-smooth skin so they can ditch razors, epilators, and expensive cosmetic surgeries.

We created No Grow to be a long-term solution, so don't expect your hair to fall out overnight. It's a topical solution, but it works differently than depilatory cream. You will need to keep using your usual hair removal methods to give No Grow enough time to deliver the superb results our customers have come to expect.

Apply No Grow as directed and wait 24 hours before using your usual hair removal method (or wait 7 days if you wax).

No Grow affects the three growth phases of the hair growth cycle, so it does take a few months to achieve long-term results. However, each application of No Grow brings you one step closer to smoother skin.

Try our Intimate Body range so you can finally achieve the perfect Brazilian and hairless armpits without expensive treatments or painful shaving or waxing.

Our product is safe to use on all skin types, but you shouldn't apply it to skin that is sunburned, inflamed, or otherwise irritated.

Wherever unwanted hair grows on your body, there is a No Grow product perfectly formulated to target problem hair. Whether you want to say goodbye to hair from your arms, legs, back, chest, or stomach, there's a No Grow product just right for you.

You may experience a slight tingling sensation when first applying No Grow. This is perfectly normal and safe and means the product is doing its job.

Some people may experience a tightening sensation. Our "Soothing Aftercare Gel" is recommended but your favourite Aloe Vera gel will work as well.

Whatever your issue with unwanted hair, No Grow is a proven product that leads to long-term hair control and healthy, glowing skin.

For more information, read our frequently asked questions page.

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