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Searching for Alternatives to Electrolysis? Check This Out

Searching for Alternatives to Electrolysis? Check This Out

Getting rid of unwanted hair comes with a lot of advantages, including a better appearance and more control over body odour. Both men and women need to come to terms with choosing a body hair removal strategy that suits their lifestyle and personal preference.

Most methods are a compromise between pain, discomfort, and convenience, so, when you've finally decided to ditch the daily or weekly shaving routine for a more long-term hair removal system, how do you find one that's right for you?

Most people will consider electrolysis or laser hair removal, but other systems are worth considering. Keep reading to learn more about which body or facial hair removal strategy is the best for you.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is highly regarded because it works on any hair colour and type, including fine, blonde hair, or dark, coarse hair. Many people will favour electrolysis over laser hair removal because it can target a mixture of colours, provided you can stomach the number of sessions you will need and financial outlay.

Electrolysis Advantages

The most significant advantage of electrolysis is that it is the only permanent hair removal system available today. People who opt for laser hair removal can get lucky and never have their hair grow back. However, the majority will need subsequent treatments in a couple of years to target the more stubborn follicles.

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis does not require pigmentation to treat the follicles. Each hair follicle is targeted and zapped with precision by a qualified technician. It's one of the few systems that will work for everyone without fail.

Drawbacks of Electrolysis

The main downside to electrolysis for permanent hair removal is that it is incredibly involved and time-consuming. Individual hair follicles are targeted during treatment, which is why most people only treat problem hair over small body areas, such as the upper lip or armpits. A session on the upper lip will take 30 minutes or more, and will require subsequent sessions to achieve permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis is expensive. An hour-long session will cost $100 and upwards, and you will need several sessions before your hair follicles submit to never growing back. Consider the upper lip treatment above, and you will quickly realize you may need a second mortgage if you want to extend your electrolysis treatments to both legs.

A technician is zapping hair follicles with bursts of electricity, which makes electrolysis one of the most painful hair removal systems. The fact that topical anaesthetics are regularly administered during electrolysis treatments is a good indicator of how uncomfortable it can get. However, everybody has different pain thresholds.

Electrolysis Alternatives

There are a lot of ways to remove body hair, with laser hair removal and electrolysis being the most common for long-term or permanent solutions.

Shaving and hair removal creams are convenient and cheap, but they need to be done every few days.

Fortunately, there is a long-term body hair removal system that is as straightforward as shaving and hair removal creams but can deliver long-term hair removal. It's called No Grow, and it's available for everybody who wants to get rid of unwanted surface hair.

Unlike hair removal creams from the supermarket or chemist, No Grow targets the growth stage of the hair by reducing nutrient flow to the follicle. Nutrient-starved follicles create short, fine hairs. After about eight months of regular use, most people notice a remarkable improvement in the smoothness of their skin.

Various No Grow products mean you can target specific problem areas of your body, such as your face or intimate areas, and each is formulated to work with a different gender for the best results. You can find out more about No Grow and how it might be the long-term body hair removal system you have been searching for by visiting our website today.


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