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Instant Hair Removal Creams Getting You Down: Try This Instead

Instant Hair Removal Creams Getting You Down: Try This Instead

So far, science has only discovered one method we can call "permanent hair removal" that will work for everybody, electrolysis. Unfortunately, electrolysis is expensive and painful. Laser hair removal comes close to permanent, but it's not suitable for all hair and skin types, and yet other hair removal systems, like waxing and shaving, are painful or uncomfortable.

Depilatory hair removal creams are a popular strategy for many people because they are easy to apply and painless, but are they all they're cracked up to be? If not, what are your alternatives?

What Are Depilatory Creams?

Many brands have versions of depilatory creams, gels, and lotions. However, the principle of how they achieve body and facial hair removal is the same. They are popular because they are readily available over the counter at chemists and supermarkets and are easy to use.

All depilatory hair removal creams contain a strong alkaline solution that works by breaking down the keratin protein in your unwanted hair. Your hair turns into a jelly-like substance you can easily wipe away when removing the product.

People turn to depilatory creams because they are more convenient than shaving. They also work at removing the hair below the skin's surface, so you are never left with prickly stubble.

Are Depilatory Creams a Long-Term Hair Removal Solution?

Depilatory creams create smoother hair-free skin than what is possible with shaving, but they are far from a long-term body hair removal system. They work below the skin's surface but not deep enough to affect the hair root.

While hair regrowth will vary from person to person can reasonably expect to use a hair removal cream at about the same frequency as shaving. So, if you are shaving every 5 to 7 days, you will need to use a depilatory cream just as often.

Are there Permanent Hair Removal Systems?

Yes, electrolysis is the only system approved as a permanent hair removal treatment, but it's not for everyone. It's expensive and can only be performed by qualified dermatologists. You will also require multiple sessions, and it can be painful. Dermatologists will apply a topical anaesthetic before treatment to control the pain, but some people are more sensitive than others.

Laser hair removal is another long-term solution, but not long enough to be called permanent and does not work on all hair types. It's also expensive and requires multiple sessions with a qualified dermatologist.

No Grow hair removal creams are an alternative to electrolysis and laser hair removal that are as straightforward to use as depilatory creams but produce longer-lasting results.

Unlike depilatory creams, No Grow influences hair growth by starving the hair follicle of nutrients. Malnourished follicles produce shorter, finer strands of hair. The best results take about eight months, but most people notice a difference after four months of regular applications.

Another advantage of No Grow hair removal creams is that you can use them in conjunction with other hair removal methods, but ensure you follow the recommended procedure. For example, you shouldn't use No Grow a week before or after a waxing session as it impacts how well the product can work.

Are you looking for a painless, affordable alternative to permanent or long-term hair removal? Visit our website today to learn more about how No Grow could be your best option for long-term body hair removal.

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